Instructor's Resource Materials

Sr. Barbara E. Reynolds, SDS

Cardinal Stritch University

Note: These materials were prepared for an earlier version of the text that relied on the computer algebra system Maple for interactions with the text. Those interactions have all been replaced by Sage interacts embedded in the text. Sr. Barbara's assignments, plans, syllabi, and tests are all still relevant to the current version, but ignore any references to Maple.

Introduction to WeBWorK (PDF file, for those using WeBWorK)

Calculus I (Differential Calculus)

Sample Syllabus

Syllabus Questions for Class 1

Weekly Plan (PDF file)

Notes on Weekly Assignments

  1. Getting Started – Finding the text and course materials
  2. More about Functions
  3. Models of Growth – Rates of Change
  4. Instantaneous Rates of Change: The Derivative
    Power functions and Exponential functions
  5. Using Differential Equations to Model Population Growth
  6. Differential Equations with Two Important Applications
  7. Differential Calculus and Its Uses
  8. Rules for Calculating Derivatives
  9. Rules for Calculating Derivatives (continued)
  10. Mid-semester Reflections and Euler’s Method
  11. Trigonometry and Derivatives
  12. Last Things: Reviewing the Semester

Study Guides and Tests

Benchmarks (a.k.a. Gateway Tests)

Calculus II (Integral Calculus)

Sample Syllabus (PDF file)

Syllabus Questions for Class 1 (PDF file)

Weekly Plan (PDF file)

Notes on Weekly and Bi-Weekly Assignments (PDF files)

  1. Getting Started (Week 1)
  2. Antidifferentiation (Week 2)
  3. The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus (Weeks 3 & 4)
  4. Integral Calculus (Weeks 5 & 6)
  5. Strategies for Calculating Antiderivatives and Definite Integrals (Weeks 7 & 8)
  6. The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus (Weeks 9 & 10)
  7. Sums, Limits, and Taylor Polynomials (Week 11)
  8. Taylor Series and Taylor Polynomials (Week 12)
  9. Sequences, Series, Taylor Polynomials, and Taylor Series (Week 13)

Study Guides (PDF files)

Sample Project Handouts (PDF files)

  1. Sky Diving
  2. Area of Crater Lake
  3. Finding Safe and Effective Drug Dosage
  4. Finding Safe and Effective Drug Dosage - Reprise